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We have exciting news!


Unique's first wave of UK road trips will be available from Spring 2024.

You will soon be able to download your road trips from our app straight to your smartphone, ready to be played offline through your car audio system or on your Bluetooth headset if you're on two wheels.

You will almost certainly be familiar with audio guided walking tours which cover just about every city across the planet.


Well, that’s us too except our focus is on creating engaging, thoughtfully planned, beautifully narrated, fully mapped and perfectly navigated driving tours.


Our Road Trippers can take to the open road with confidence of following an amazing route which will take in all the best bits. And if you do happen to take a wrong turn, don't worry... our innovative tracker will alert you and help you back on your way.


Unique’s road trips are easily accomplished within half a day including a couple of stops en route. Or you can make a day of it and take advantage of the numerous suggestions of stops at stunning viewpoints, enjoying the conviviality of a tried and tested village inn or perhaps a stroll to appreciate the tranquillity of an idyllic village or sit on the banks of a babbling brook on a warm summer’s day.


Whether a visitor to Britain or if this is your own backyard, Unique’s road trips are designed to take the strain of planning your day out.


Unique will take you to places you otherwise may never see, will provide you with accurately researched commentary narrated by one or more of our professional tour guides to enhance your appreciation of this amazing nation’s culture, history and heritage not forgetting its sheer beauty.

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